Many times when our clients begin their inquires about Japanese gardens they ask "What is a Japanese garden?" There is no single answer. There are many styles of Japanese gardens just as there are many styles of paintings or pottery. One thing to keep in mind is Japanese Gardens are not copies of nature or nature in miniature, and they’re more like an impressionist painting. They capture the essences of nature, invoking feelings. We are St. Paul/Minneapolis Japanese Garden Experts.

The Landscape Design Service

Our design service starts with the initial consultation to determine your wants, needs, and ideas. We also gather the necessary site information at this time. With this information in hand we prepare and present a preliminary plan that combines your ideas and our design input. This preliminary process may go through several generations to arriving at the final master plan. The final master plan is a measured drawing from which you or a contractor can build your garden.

Construction Service

Fleming Design does not do any actual landscape construction. However, we act as construction managers. We can secure bids from top landscape construction firms for your approval. Once approved we would then coordinate and monitor the construction progress and provide quality control to insure your complete satisfaction.

Horticultural Consulting

We walk with you through your garden giving you pointers to improve and update your landscape. This includes simple design changes; identifying disease and soil problems, to improving your plants health teaching you proper pruning techniques.